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Tailored for each user, delivering focused and
relevant data

Consumers identify with leaders and brands who reflect their values.

Brands want to take a stand and contribute in a positive way.

They expect their advisors to position them as thought-leaders in their market segment.

The volume of data available and the speed of delivery means that the task of monitoring and researching what is relevant to your client and you is becoming more demanding and time consuming.

Meaningful analytics for maximum, measurable impact.

Accessing and evaluating the right data to inform your decision making is a growing cost to business as staff spend hours trawling websites and various media monitoring tools in search of relevant information. In many cases this is an inefficient use of skills and expertise.

The reality is that it is no longer humanly possible for teams to monitor all the available data, filter out the irrelevant content and deliver focused actionable results.

Mettacomms can.

Using AI, machine learning and NLP, Mettacomms accesses data sets and scans relevant sources to deliver comprehensive results beyond the scope of manual searches or traditional monitoring tools.

Using unique algorithms it provides comprehensive analysis for specific industry sectors that inform your communications strategy.

The best informed is the best positioned.

With Mettacomms you can provide your client with guidance and advice that will position their organisation for greatest potential success and protect them from future risks and threats.

Your advice is now data driven and quantifiable.


You can provide data driven strategic advice

Demonstrate measurable impact and added value

Save the time and expense of endless online searches

Free up staff for more high-level tasks

You can be the best informed in the business

Harnessing the power of Technology - Creating the Thought Leaders of Tomorrow


The Mettacomms platform allows you to identify thought leaders, so I thought we might look at what constitutes a thought leader. There are lots of definitions, multiple opinions and some ‘expert’ commentary. All have a different take on what it actually is. So, let’s get some clarity around the issue.
Brands face many challenges on a daily basis. There are the internal challenges of scaling and developing new markets and remaining ‘on trend.’ Perhaps the greatest challenge facing brands in the coming 10 years will be the Thought Leadership challenge. Brands know that they must become Thought Leaders in their own space in order to survive – but how do they do that?
Prof. Manu Kapur from ETH Zürich, who is also director of their Future Learning Initiative, gave a presentation to the EADL annual conference in Copenhagen in May. Undoubtedly a thought leader in his field, his contribution generated a lot of interest, debate and controversy.