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Cultural Intent – it’s elusive!

The PR industry closely monitors cultural context but, until now, had no way of monitoring future cultural intention.

Ellen Gunning

Photo Credit – wildpixel from Getty Images

The PR industry comprises professionals who understand the communications industry, and seek to constantly engage with clients and consumers, understand their needs and wants, and strategise to meet those needs.

Current Cultural Context

As part of the process, the industry uses a range of tools (all terrific in their own right) which offer insights into brand reputation, share of voice, social media commentary,  opinion leader positions, media reportage, competitor positions etc. The amalgamation of all of these insights provides the industry with data to position their clients in the current environment.

However, these insights amount to ‘current cultural context’.  They provide a view of cultural and societal ideologies today.

Future Cultural Intention

Mettacomms provides the missing link. We provide access to rich data which offers an indication of ‘future cultural intention’.  This allows communications professionals to apply their expertise to the trends that they are seeing, identify those most relevant for their particular cohort of clients and monitor developments at a very early stage.

The Mettacomms insights can be used to determine future investment, position a corporate as a thought leader or get early indications of industry trends.

Communications Intelligence

Mettacomms uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create communications intelligence which allows the user to feel confident that the future strategies they are designing are firmly rooted in rich data.

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