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Speed of Technological Change 

Mettacomms looks at future changes, but, for this blog, I thought I’d offer a look at some of the current changes newly introduced, in development, or under discussion, which will have an impact on the way we communicate and do business in the next 12 months. 

Genome editing 

Developed by Crispr, genome editing is currently being used on the coats of cows to help them better cope with temperature change. It is also being developed to help the soil retain the carbon emissions which it usually gathers and disperses again. (Agriculture accounts for 25% of all carbon emissions). 


Affectiva has developed a neural network, SoundNet, which can identify emotions from audio ( like anger, for example) in 1.2 seconds. 

Zoom IQ is currently being developed to read levels of emotion and engagement during a zoom call in real time. 

Facial Recognition 

Enormous strides have been made in facial recognition software, but there are still problems with black and brown faces. These are ‘recognised’ as more aggressive and disgruntled. Interestingly, this reflects what people of colour will tell you is their experience in the work environment. They are ‘seen’ as more aggressive and therefore need to overplay their emotions to be seen as reacting ‘normally’. 

Selective Amnesia. 

There is an ongoing debate at the moment about whether or not AI should be programmed to selectively ‘forget’ information. Humans do this all the time. We ‘choose’ to remember what we believe is relevant and disregard or ‘forget’ other information. AI might better forecast a post-Covid sales pattern, for example, if it ‘forgot’ the Covid years and went back to pre-Covid patterns to create the forecast. 

Car Sensors 

New sensors on driving wheels will detect if you are fit to drive (i.e. you might be drunk, or having a heart attack). Sensors will also include psychological monitors which will be able, for example, to identify that you are stressed, and can offer personalised relaxation recommendations. 

Further information: The Wired World 2023, Conde Naste Publications, London. 

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