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Mettacomms Beta Testing

Terms and Conditions


By Sending your details, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please read carefully.

Terms and Conditions

1: Mettacomms Beta is provided free-of-charge as a Proof of Concept i.e. it is a new technology still in development. 

2: Testers agree to ask as many questions as possible, within each of the three verticals (i.e. public opinion, politics, media) 

3: Access to the interface is provided for a pre-agreed time period. 

4: Testers agree to a weekly 15 minute Zoom meeting to provide feedback.

5: Testers also agree to participate in a short video interview, via zoom, to discuss their experience with the platform.  

7: Testers will be given early-adopter status when the platform is launched in Q1 2025(i.e. they will have access to the platform before the public launch)  

8: Mettacomms/Mettacomms Beta accepts no liability for the responses generated by this embryonic tool.  

Contact: info@mettacomms.com

Please sign-up here if you are interested in helping us develop this exciting new intelligence tool.