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The Future of Business: Communications & Business Intelligence Intertwined

Business intelligence is only half the story. In order to ensure success in the future, companies must go the extra step and invest in communications intelligence as well.

When we met with a new client recently, they identified Mettacomms as a unique source of Comms Intel. No one had quite looked at our platform in that way before, so it got us thinking about the difference between business intel (which they already had) and comms intel (which is what Mettacomms provides).

Business Intelligence

looks at things like: 


Supply chain issues

Labour shortages

Global conflicts

Climate change



Potential recession

Communications Intelligence 

looks at data drawn from sources like:








Business intelligence gives you information and insights around running your business. The requirements that you need to meet, the issues that might prevent you achieving production or distribution targets, the labour issues around staffing requirements and the money issues like recession which might affect your cost of sales or the purchasing power of your customers.

Communications intelligence puts that in perspective and give you a much more holistic view of the world in which you, your staff and your customers operate. Comms intel looks at the values behind the purchasing decisions that people make. It looks at the changes in work patterns and what people expect in the world of work in the future. It looks at the environmental impact of working for a company or buying a company product. It looks at how ethically the business is run – although this, generally, only becomes important when unethical behaviour is uncovered. It looks at the cultural issues which inform people’s values and the importance of those ‘life’ issues like women’s healthcare, freedom of expression, or democratic values. It looks at technological advances – look at how Chat GPT disrupted the world! It looks at political debate to take the pulse of government. It looks at R&D investment to see what that indicates, and it looks at investment patterns of fund managers.

In the future, companies will struggle to make good strategic decisions without the benefit of current business intelligence and data-rich, future-focused communications intelligence from Mettacomms.

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