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ISPAL is built as an intelligence resource, a font of reliable knowledge that can be accessed at any time, by question and answer, via WhatsApp. 

We are in the Proof of Concept stage, and are looking for people with an interest in Israel-Palestine to test the platform for us.  There are currently three (limited) areas available for interrogation: politics, political opinion &  media. 

Terms and Conditions


By Sending your details, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please read carefully.

Terms and Conditions

1: ISPAL is provided free-of-charge as a Proof of Concept i.e. it is a new technology still in development. 

2: Testers agree to ask as many questions as possible, within each of the three verticals (i.e. public opinion, politics, media) 

3: WhatsApp access is provided for a limitedone-week period. 

4: Testers agree to export their WhatsApp interaction with ISPAL, in full, and send it to the ISPAL team for evaluation 

5: The exported WhatsApp information will be anonymized within categories (e.g. journalist or PR student) and used to inform our technical and research team on the different (or similar) ways in which various categories of users interact with the platform. 

6: Testers also agree to participate in a short video interview, via zoom, to discuss their experience with the platform.  

7: Testers will be given early-adopter status when the platform is launched in Q1 2025(i.e. they will have access to the platform before the public launch)  

8: Mettacomms accepts no liability for the responses generated by this embryonic tool.  


26 Pembroke Street

Contact: info@mettacomms.com

Mettacomms is a registered name of the PR Training Academy Ltd.

Please sign-up here if you are interested in helping us develop this exciting new intelligence tool.